2020: My Year of Stability. While the world burned, I quietly had a good year. So quiet in fact that I barely noticed it until I did my year-end review. And even then, I felt bad about it because I know what this year has taken from people. While consoling a friend on a miserable year she had, I “confessed” that I in fact had had a great year. She chastised me; not for having a great year, but for feeling guilty about it. …

Continued from 1er partie

“Was I Just Robbed Under a Spell?”

It is hard to rank these things, but the crossing into Ghana from Togo was definitely one of my worst border experiences. I’m not one to dwell on the past, but each time I think back to this day, it makes me sick. The day I was baptized by fire.

From the moment my motorcycle taxi arrived at the border, I was swarmed by touts before I even got the chance to get down from the bike. They were all my “brothers” and wanted to “help me”. They were…

A few months ago, I got possessed by some spirit and became convinced that traveling by road from Lagos to Dakar, and stopping in every country along the way was a good idea. Little did I know that I was about to embark on a journey of a lifetime, one in which every new experience seemed to surpass the previous one. I should have known this would be anything but a normal trip when I arrived before 5 am that Monday morning at the bus stop in Lagos and no one was there.

Two days prior, I had visited the…

Sunset in spring

“What do I want to be when I grow up?” That is a question I ask myself periodically. It is a question we should all ask ourselves, even as adults. I, for one, realize that I am still growing. I never stop growing and I never stop learning…regardless of my age.

The most mentioned excuse or reason I hear for why people don’t achieve their dreams is ‘time’ or lack of it. People tend to believe that if something didn’t/hasn’t happen(ed) by a particular time, then it’s never going to happen. …

I did it! I did it!I quit the stress of the corporate world, and now I’m going to see the real world! I’m so excited, it’s going to be so….wait, what have I done? Did I just quit? What about my financial obligations: rent, student loan, Tinder…er, romantic dates, and of course, my weekly Krispy Kreme doughnut binges (I am a proud addict). I can see my mum’s reaction now:

Mum: What happened? You quit to travel where?

Me: To travel around the world, mummy

Mum: Which world? Hey, this boy has killed me ohhh. We need prayers.

The truth…

Dear daughter unborn,

I call you that because I do not have a name for you as you are yet to be conceived. Actually, I do have a name for you, but I probably should discuss that with your mother first. And since women usually win that battle, best to keep this close to my chest for now!

I write you this letter now for 2 reasons: 1) As a caring father, it is never too early to tell you to stay away from boys! 2) I want you to have an insight into the kind of man I was…

Goga Clay

Minimalist. Storyteller. Chelsea FC fan. Lover of life, with a curious mind. www.claysvoyage.com

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